Saturday, 18 December 2010

Variations on a theme, number 1

Having had the blocks made for the lovely round Mason and Taylor logos, it seemed a shame not to have a bash at putting them on a round beermat. Getting round mats to behave (i.e. sit still while you're trying to whack them with some ink) is tricky, and it turns out that if you print circles on circles and get them more than slightly off-centre, it just looks incompetent.

The coward's choice, which I strongly considered, is to print them way off centre. I decided, for this run, at least, to be brave and take the time to centre them - I think this was close enough. These are one-sided and dead simple, but none the worse for that, I think.

Mason and Taylor is open now! Their beer menu is tremendous and I strongly recommend you go down there and drink heavily, especially on a Saturday night (followed by a curative Hangover Lounge on the Sunday...)

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