Saturday, 18 December 2010

Variations on a theme, number 2

A special christmas beermat for the Hangover Lounge: I'm not in love with the starry side of this (it was the first in a series of experiments in a kind of overprinting which you'll likely see again should you keep reading) but I'm delighted with the left-aligned texty side. A few weeks ago our friend Sue saw something I'd left aligned and said "ooh! Controversial!" - obviously I was going to do it again.

I reckon the Hangover Lounge wil be delightful on the 19th, by the way. 

Variations on a theme, number 1

Having had the blocks made for the lovely round Mason and Taylor logos, it seemed a shame not to have a bash at putting them on a round beermat. Getting round mats to behave (i.e. sit still while you're trying to whack them with some ink) is tricky, and it turns out that if you print circles on circles and get them more than slightly off-centre, it just looks incompetent.

The coward's choice, which I strongly considered, is to print them way off centre. I decided, for this run, at least, to be brave and take the time to centre them - I think this was close enough. These are one-sided and dead simple, but none the worse for that, I think.

Mason and Taylor is open now! Their beer menu is tremendous and I strongly recommend you go down there and drink heavily, especially on a Saturday night (followed by a curative Hangover Lounge on the Sunday...)

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Mason and Taylor

Limited edition beermats in anticipation of the soon-to-open Mason and Taylor bar. The two circular designs share a reverse side. I must say, I am very much looking forward to dirtying one or two of these with a pint of delicious craft ale. Two half pints of craft ale, I should say.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Party Time!

Two complementary "Party Time" beermats... can you see the theme? The text side in each is red, but the designs come in a range of colours.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Greeting cards: a brace of birthdays

Two birthday cards, both made on the occasion of friends' birthdays, with a slightly extended run to make some available for sale.

Greeting Cards 1: Thanks and congrats

Two greeting cards I've been working on. I wanted the first to be a Thank You card without the words "thank you" on it.

The second is a variation on an old theme, wrapped and ready for sale.

Some celebrations!

Some celebratory beermats made for a wedding and a birthday:

The beermats above were by way of a wedding card for our friends Hils and Alan.

We are happy to take commissions for these sorts of things, although they really have to be made to our designs due to restrictions in the type we have. If you're interested, please get in touch via the email address on the right.

This was a birthday card: with it being for my brother, I made a special see-through envelope for no particular reason, except I thought it looked good...

Beermats for the Hangover Lounge - Part 4

Another set of beermats, some more fish. Some white space. Don't see much of that round here...

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Duke of Wellington: for everything you'll ever need

After making up a beermat for a non-existent pub, it was surely time to make some for a real pub. And that real pub was the brilliant Duke of Wellington on Balls Pond Road, at the Dalston end of N1. It's operated by our friend Ed, and after seeing the list of what they do (on the B-side above the logo), I was reminded of the tagline used by a long-closed Cheltenham record shop called "Driftin'". It seemed appropriate, somehow. I mean, what else is there?

"Essex Arms": a beermat commission from Darren Hayman

The very talented and genially awesome fellow Darren Hayman comes along to the Hangover Lounge from time to time. It's always a pleasure to see him. After seeing the beermats below, it occurred to Darren to ask me to make some beermats to promote his LP, appropriately named "Essex Arms". Hence, the below, which are intended to look as though they belong to a real pub of that name.

The wording on the B-side isn't as wonky in real life as it looks in this snap!

Beermats for the Hangover Lounge - Part 3

More beermats! These were more of an experiment and not everyone liked them - one HL regular who collects the set quite pointedly refused one of these! I was pleased with the single word on the A-side.
Please also note the line of 10-point fish I bought from Hand and Eye - I love them.