Friday, 1 April 2011

Let's Dance (at the Carousel)

A new card design in advance of the Carousel craft fair tomorrow (April 2nd), noon-5pm at the Duke of Wellington. See you there!

I was delighted to be part of the project to make a deluxe edition of the recent World Of Fox CD, even if my part was the least exciting bit!

Here's how the package looks, with the CD accompanied by two beermats, beautifully screenprinted by the wonderful Ruth Green:

My part was to do the texty bits on the reverse, like so:

They're available for £10 - a bargain for an original Ruth Green screenprint, let alone the excellent record - from Where It's At Is Where You Are, or from me at the Carousel Art Fair (more of which shortly).


This was a real struggle - it seems that this amount of text, spread across the paper this much, pushed my little press (or my abilities) past the point of decent impression. So, it's two-colour because I had to split the design across two printings. At an edition size of 500, that's a pain in the arm.

Just you wait until you see the great work Craft Ho has done with the front cover...