Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Hangover Lounge Three EPs Box Set!

After the third Hangover Lounge EP came out, and in honour of an Independent Record Mart one Saturday, I made a super-limited (25 copies) box set of the three EPS with some spare copies of the vinyl we had. It involved some experimental printing on felt, which gives a great effect, but which presented some drying problems. I was really quite proud of how this one came out.

Here's how it looked:

1. The box itself is a 10" cardboard box with a handprinted postcard, like so, fixed to the top of the box with paper fasteners:
2. Open up the box and here's what you'll find:
Sitting on top of a hand-printed and numbered piece of felt are a specially handprinted and numbered beermat:
PLUS! a track-listing poster beautifully designed by none other than Pam Berry, who's played such an important part in making the regular EP covers so lovely:
PLUS! a selection of Hangover Lounge badges

Under the felt you'll find three beautiful pieces of vinyl, the three EPs themselves, of which we are all very proud. And, y'know, it's all about the music, man. 

At the time of writing there remain a few of these left, we're selling them for £20 a pop. I've no real idea how long they'll last. Leave a message in the comments box if you're interested and I'll get back to you.


  1. Wow, that's purty. Any left? -Andrea (andrea.feldman[at]

  2. There are a few left! I'll drop you a line.

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