Monday, 2 July 2012

Some more celebrations!

I have made a few celebratory beermats for special occasions, including a couple of commissions (I'm open to accepting commissions, by the way, and you'd be surprised how reasonable the rates are. Yes you would.

So, first up, a set of beermats celebrating the birth of a niece of some friends of ours:

Also, my good friends Kerry and Ewan got married, and asked me to rustle up some beermats by way of wedding invitations. After playing with a few ideas, I was hit with this one , which I was amazed and delighted they liked. So, on one side we had this (I added a bit of colour to the final print run as you can see below):

Leaving the other side showing this: 

Put them together and it starts to make sense: 

A few in a row even more so:  

Here's the colour I was talking about:  

People seemed to like these a lot, I was given a little round of applause at the wedding. I was a bit worried about offending people! I made a second, less rude design for the relatives who might have been offended. As it happens, I was very pleased with the polite run, too. 

Congratulations again to the lovely Kerry and Ewan. 

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